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Mr. Bhanwar Lal Bishnoi -Head–Embedded Design & Development Center –EDDC @L&T–Electrical &Automation – R&D -is going to be our Guest Speaker at EVREX

Dear Readers,


It gives me immense pleasure to inform you all that we are organizing 2nd Edition of EVREX  2nd Edition of   Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy Expo which is shaping up very well and going to be more prominent and value based.

I’m equally pleased to inform all of you, that Mr. Bhanwar Lal Bishnoi -Head–Embedded Design & Development Center –EDDC @L&T–Electrical &Automation – R&D  is Going to be our Guest Speaker at EVREX 2nd Edition. He was also a guest speaker in our first Edition which was a huge success. incidentally it was South India’s first & largest Event in EV & Renewable Energy Segments.

The following is his brief profile, which indeed is impressive, interesting and inspiring saga of successful journey in the field of Electrical & Automation.

Profile of Mr. Bhanwar Lal Bishnoi     

Head–Embedded Design & Development Center –EDDC

@L&T–Electrical &Automation – R&D      @ Larsen & Toubro Ltd.

(Holding more than 35 Patents in Electrical & Energy Domain)

In Head of EDDC role handling entire R&D team for  L&T Electrical & Automation – SDDC for Embedded Design & Development Group catering for New Product Development ,New Technology Development , Product Life Cycle Management as well End to End Product Design Cycle where Feeder Protection Relay , Transformer Protection Relay , Motor Protection Relay , Air Circuit Breaker Electronic Trip Units , Molded Case Circuit Breaker ETU’s , Solar Drives , Industrial Drives , Various Communication Protocols like Modbus , Profibus , Profinet , Devicenet , EtherCAT , TCP/IP , Webservers as well Software Development for Energy Management , Energy Efficiency , SCADA like Smart Comm etc. for a R&D team size of 80+ with diverse experience where Hardware Design , Firmware Design , Mechanical Design , Software Design , Application as well Domain knowledge etc. New Platform development and Metrology for Energy meter is being handled by his team. Microcontrollers,FPGA for all future platform selection is handled independently by this team.

Team’s technical guidance on toughest issues handling , root cause analysis of design defects , architecture definition , Configuration System Management , Software tools for mfg. , Mechanical design for new products design from scratch is being done by team.

Definition of new Product, New Technology Roadmap for keep business sustained in Competitive era is Mr. Bishnoi’s core Role & Responsibility. Reward , recognition , attrition , new recruitment to build high capability team across Industry where best brain of Electrical Switchgear Electronics core design & innovation work on cutting edge technology so providing sustained atmosphere is key for this. His role is to provide this atmosphere where best people from Industry work by choice here.

Growing team inline with business growth to keep momentum on new Product design & Development.Reviewing design for Design For Reliability ( DFR ) , Design for Six Sigma ( DFSS / DMADOV ) is fundamental philosophy for our product design where we ensure Robust , Reliable design is delivered to customer. Continuous improvement in designs also taken with DMAIC approach of Six Sigma.

Products Designed / Significantly Contribution of Self :- Secure Meters :-{CALMU 3Phase Energy Meter , APEX , Liberty Prepayment Meter }, GE {Mpro Plus Electronic Trip Unit for MPACT , Entelliguard / Global ETU for GACB , MicroEntelliguard ETU for Spectra MCCB } ,L+G: 1P/3P Energy Meters , Smart Meters ( 1P/3P ) , Comms. Modules

L&T – Most Compact ETU Releases , Motor Protection Relays , Solar Drives , Industrial Drives , Ethernet Gateway , Motor Protection , Feeder Protection , Transformer Protection Relays ,Smart Circuit Breaker , Smart IED’s and SmartCom  etc.

Technology Innovation, New Product Development, New Technology Development, Lifecycle Management, Budgeting, Cost Reduction Initiatives, IPRs, Patents, Performance Appraisals, Employee Engagement, Training Mentoring, Recruitment , Providing architecture and technology leadership across a range of technologies.

We Sincerely thank Mr. Bhanwar Lal Bishnoi for being once again a part of EVREX 2nd Edition.

Thanks & Regards,

Dr. K. S. Murthy

Member – Solar Advisory Board – NIRD PR

Organizer – EVREX

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