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Mr. G. Vamsi Krishna -Joint Managing Director of Visaka Industries Limited is going to be our Guest Speaker at 2nd Edition Of EVREX @ Hyderabad.

Dear Readers,


It gives me immense pleasure to inform you all that we are organizing 2nd Edition of EVREX – Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy Expo which is shaping up very well and going to be more prominent and value based.

I’m equally pleased to inform all of you, that Mr. G. Vamsi Krishna, the Joint Managing Director of Visaka Industries Limited is Going to be our Guest Speaker at EVREX 2nd Edition.

The following is his brief profile, which indeed is impressive, interesting and inspiring saga of successful journey in the field of Renewable Energy & Construction Industry.


“We all are seeking solutions that make our lives easier. But how many of us are seeking the problems so as to makes lives easier for others?”

Driving ideas on such a foundation is Mr. G. Vamsi Krishna, the Joint Managing Director of Visaka Industries Limited. Prior to this, he was a Chief Business Strategist involved in the market development for Boards Division of Visaka Industries.

Visaka Industries was started with a vision to provide the perfect shelter to families across India. Vamsi nurtured the business vision to create a brand that’s synonymous with strength and quality and reinforced the same in its product divisions. While its fiber cement boards division-Vnext, aims to be futuristic, Atum- the solar roofing division is energised for tomorrow. Offering unique transformational products, he keeps Visaka ahead in the construction industry and has established a brand that now resonates with the masses.

Their product line Vboards by Vnext have all the attributes that a common man needs. These boards are used for all exterior and interior applications of a house. It’s eco-friendly, water, termite and fire resistant; energy, time and cost efficient, making it the best alternative to plywood & gypsum board.

Soon followed another innovative contribution from Visaka called Vinfill. Positioned as the ideal replacement to brick, Vinfill breaks the norms of conventional construction like none other. It results in faster, thinner and stronger walls. Thereby, changing the way people look at construction.

Enhancing perspective with each offering, the visionaries realized that the Indian roofing industry hasn’t changed over the last 60-70 years! Despite several attempts at providing a suitable roof for the Indian market, nothing quite fits the bill. Atum disrupts this segment with the path breaking idea of ‘Electric Roofs’. A normal roof is a sunk investment that only provides shelter but Atum is a hybrid roof that not only provides shelter but generates electricity from the sun. It’s great at thermal efficiency and has a life of about 50 years while the investment can be recovered in just 6 years.

The visionaries of Visaka Industries are passionately giving our nation, the fast-paced development it very much needs. Bearing the responsibility of futuristic construction solutions, Vamsi teaches us – no matter the adversity, you never cease to evolve. He has smart products meant for a smart generation that doesn’t deny environment its due share.

When not working, you’ll find Mr. Vamsi in a corner engrossed in a book. If you stumble upon this captain someday, be prepared because he doesn’t shy away from meaningful discourses.

We Sincerely thank Mr. G. Vamsi Krishna for being a part of EVREX 2nd Edition.

Thanks & Regards,

Dr. K. S. Murthy

Member – Solar Advisory Board – NIRD PR

Organizer – EVREX


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