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About SMEV

SMEV is the perfect platform to learn, share and experience as we move forward into an age where alternative energy efficient modes of transportation would be in demand. Electric Vehicle Technology is gaining ground and popularity rapidly. This segment has tremendous potential as it is an environment–friendly, non-polluting means of transportation.

The SOCIETY OF MANUFACTURERS OF ELECTRIC VEHICLES (SMEV) is based at New Delhi, India and comprises of the members from the following category:

  • Electric- Four /Three Wheeler Manufacturers
  • Electric- Two Wheeler Manufacturers
  • Electric Vehicle -Auto Components Manufacturers

SMEV Objectives

  • Assist Govt. in Implementation of NEMMP 2020 plan.
  • Assist manufacturers in understanding and implementing the NEMMP to gain optimum benefits.
  • Persuade nodal agencies for faster implementation of pilot projects.
  • Support the manufacturing sector to gain maximum benefits of Carbon Credit.
  • Spread awareness of Electric Vehicles.
  • Help evolve practically implementable ARAI standards.
  • Help streamline the battery recycling system.
  • Encourage and mentor manufacturers to adopt best practices of battery recycling systems.
  • Be the knowledge center for promoting indigenization of imported products.
  • Assist Exports of Electric Vehicles out of India.
  • Catalyze bulk purchase of Electric Vehicle in Government/Administrative departments and offices.
  • Support clear policy frame work on Electric Vehicles to be part of town planning infrastructure.
  • Catalyze a favorable business environment to be created for investment opportunities in the Indian Electric Vehicle industry.
  • Become a source of authentic and accurate information on EVs.
  • Represent EVs in center/state bodies for benefits and rationalization of rules.

Contact Details:

Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles (SMEV)

50,Okhla Industrial Estate-III

New Delhi-110020, India

Website    :   www.smev.in


The EVREX team warmly welcomes SMEV as an exhibitor. We will do our best to make sure you the organization gets the utmost value from the event.





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